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About us

nHandmade Rug Store Story


nHandmade’s commercial presence has been launched in 1983 by the founder who was enthusiastically buying and selling old hand-woven carpets and kilims. The production of rugs has been changed to a straight line in Adana, Kahramanmaraş and mainly Kayseri regions.In the first years of the production process, kilims produced with fine hand-work have left their place to the weaving of today's local (Kayseri and nearby) kilim weaving, however, nHandmade - as an important part of its current product line- has already settled the bases of its product portfolio to the unique and world-famous fine hand-work rugs.

Over time, direct or indirect exports to many countries have been made and all efforts have been exerted to ensure that our products are always the highest quality productions of the sector.

We have designed "quality-focused" production processes by examining all stages of the production with meticulous care since we aim to produce the highest quality in the most rigorous manner.

In order to ensure to achieve exactly the target product, obtaining the weft thread selection, the accuracy of the model after the raw material procurement process, such as the choice and the harmony of colors, accurate detection of the region to obtain quality workmanship etc. constitute a significant part of our business. We strive to do what is best to when a special request is made, as well.

We are aware of the fact that our work, which we do not see as producing only products, is an art, the indispensable accessories of spaces, the place of carpet-rugs. We have always been keeping working to make the best of what you have for peaceful color harmony and spacious spaces. Starting from 2007, with internal and external effects in production processes, we started to add different product categories other than rugs such as antique hand-made carpets and hand-made ceramics to our stocks (please contact individualy for the products other than rugs). All the products in the "New Rug" category that we presently offer you on our website are completely our own production.The rugs that are our own production are totally unique and private to the customer, however even if they are similar, they are not exactly the same. Any "New" you would like to have from our stock may be a product older than 30 years since nHandmade is owned by one of the rooted families in the sector. Products in the "old" category are the special antique products we have obtained from our outside sources and most probably older than 30 years.

Our most important value since the first day was honesty, explicit declaration and timely keeping of the given promise. For this reason, it is very valuable for us to pay or receive on time or to deliver a product when promised. It is obvious that we all encounter with different challenges in our time. For this reason, we think that it is necessary to tolerate enough not to hold the promises or deficiencies that are not thought to be intentional. As long as it is a deliberate misrepresentation or a lie.

Founder's sons, who started to attend regulary a family-shop in 1990's, started to take steps to improve their profession from our father as grown-ups from the core in 2000's. After completing our university education, we transformed it into a company with title "NEBULA Software Inc." by bringing the business activities of the family under a company roof in order to perform both our father 's occupation that we like and our own professional business. nHandmade, which operates in hand-woven and hand-made products sector as well as the software field, continues to serve you better to have the best.

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 From our head shop in 1999.