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All the products you buy will be completely handmade and unique. 


1. What is the difference between carpet and kilim?

Carpet is knotted with the knot method and the quality of the unit is determined according to the number of knots in the area.
The kilim is woven with a weft-warp method.


2. Do I need a pad or non-slip pad for carpets or rugs?

According to the used floor, preventive material may need to be used to prevent the product from slipping.
Especially on ceramic and smooth floors it is possible to slip the product.
There is no need for an extra layer to keep the product from slipping on rough or grippy floor.


3. How to specify the shipping fee?

Most of our products are free of cargo.
With shipping charges, the price is calculated according to the quantity, length, height and weight quantities of the product package. 


4. How secure is the payment system? How SSL is protected and how is information confidentiality protected?

No data from your payment transaction is recorded by us.
Our payment system works through PayPal and has a 256 bit encryption system.


5. Will I be able to get the same colors as I see in the photos?

We do not use any filters or image editing softwares to make colors appear as they are in our shots.
Some of our products can be seen on our site where some of the sunshine is taken in the closed weather.
For this reason, it is possible to find the whole of our color tones on our site.
For colors, you can request relevant images for a product.


6. Does the stock consist only of products that appear on the site?

No, we have a much stronger stock than we put on the site.
If you are looking for a specific color or size, you can contact us.
Another method for special requests is to have special production.


7. How will the product reach me?

Most of our products are delivered to our customers by cargo (UPS, Fedex, DHL etc.).
Besides, if you buy a valuable product, you can deliver it by private courier if you wish.
Please contact for details.


8. How often is the product gallery updated?

When the registered stock falls below a certain level, we put our new products on our site.


9. Do you have product catalogs?

No, we do not have a catalog because each of our products is unique.


10. How long does the product take delivery?

The delivery time depends on the delivery address.

From Turkey to;
Japan 5-7 business days
North America 5-7 business days
Europe 3-5 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania 5-7 business days

From Germany to;
Japan 3-5 business days
North America 2-5 business days
Europe 1-3 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania 3-5 business days

These periods are based on experience and can be delivered earlier and later.


11. How old are the products?

Product age varies by product category.
However, most of our products belong to 2005 and earlier years.


12. How to clean the products?

If possible, wash the product in a professional company.
If you do not have such a facility, you can wash it out with warm water using special detergent for hand weaving products.
The water to be used must be 30 centigrade degree .
Absolutely no hot water should be used.
The washing time should not exceed 20 minutes.
And as soon as the washing process is finished, the product should be shaded for drying.
The product should never be kept on the ground or in an environment that will prevent its drying.


13. Can I give back if I do not like the product?

Refunds are possible under all conditions.
Please visit the Shippping&Returns section for details.