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Shipping & Returns


A. Shipping

We work with UPS Air, DHL and FedEx. We send your cargo with the carrier company that gives you the appropriate price for your referral address. When your product is delivered to the cargo, the cargo tracking number is forwarded via an e-mail. You can find more details below table. If you want to be delivered within 1-2 days, please contact us. Despite all our sensitivities in cargo selection, cargo delays can occur due to environmental conditions, weather conditions, regional confusion or other reasons. We hope you will understand these issues that may develop outside us. All our transmissions are fully insured against damage and loss.

The delivery time depends on the delivery address.

From Turkey to;
Japan 5-7 business days
North America 5-7 business days
Europe 3-5 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania 5-7 business days

From Germany to;
Japan 3-5 business days
North America 2-5 business days
Europe 1-3 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania 3-5 business days

These periods are based on experience and can be delivered earlier and later.


B. Return & Cancellation Policy

You can completely cancel your order, add or remove items until the order is shipped. Products are usually shipped within 24 hours, excluding holidays, after the order is finalized. All refunds will be paid out by deducting non-attributable taxes, transportation costs, or costs incurred by not delivering the product in its original condition. If you have a damaged package delivery, please indicate it to the cargo dispenser when signing the package delivery and contact us immediately. Please keep all packing materials in such a case,

Returns in less than seven days (include seventh day)

i. If you are not satisfied with our products for a reason, you can return it unconditionally within 7 days of receipt.

ii. As the products are returned as they are sent, the two-way carriage fees, insurance costs and extra costs, if any, are deducted from the collected amount and a full refund is guaranteed.

iii. If any of the following conditions occur, the refund amount will be calculated exclusively. After mutual approval, the refund will or will not take place.

       a. If the product is torn,

       b. If any adhesive, oil, chemical or discoloring liquid has spilled onto the product,

       c. If any damage or alteration has been detected in the fabric,

       d. If there is local discoloration or fading,

       e. In discounted products,

       f. Products that are clearly stated not to be returned.

iv. We struggled to get the best of what we have for the product colors and reality. In order to get the closest photos to the actual colors, we only shot at certain times of the day and tried to reflect the natural colors. Nevertheless, you may experience color shifts due to display settings and screen resolution or automatic restrictions of the software. Please review the product colors in detail to avoid returning due to color incompatibility. If required, you can request high-resolution close-ups of your selected products.


C. Returns in more than seven days (36 Month Guarantee)

If you prefer our products under the 36 month return guarantee, you can return at any time with the following table without restriction.

Elapsed Time (Days) Refund Rate
8-30 %80
31-60 %70
61-90 %60
91- ... %55

For example; You have spent 450 days over the delivery date of your purchased product and paid $1000. If the above conditions do not exist in iii.a above, the two-way transportation fees, insurance costs and extra costs are deducted from the amount of ($1000 * 0.55) $550 and a refund payment will be made. This amount can also be used to buy another product or exact refund.