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Terms of Conditions


       1. Privacy Policy

All information regarding credit card information, address and contact information you share with us is under protection and never shared with third parties.

       2. Our Pledges

We are trying to offer you the most accurate information and colors to facilitate your product choices while you are shopping. We do receive professional support for this as well as we use the latest technologies. We take care to keep everything we promise, and we become followers. We are especially striving to not promise not to be held.

       3. Pricing Policy

There are many parameters that determine the prices of the products. Product dimensions, area-stained, weaving workmanship, type of the dye and the weft, product’s age and condition etc. Product prices are in US dollars. The site offers sales in 4 different currencies, Japanese Yen, US Dollar, British Pound and Euro. Prices do not include taxes, shipping or insurance premiums that vary according to the country. warrants to the customer, in case of error in the prices offered on the site, to request the price favorable to the customer.

       4. Ordering Procedure

First of all, the product is added to the basket. After the necessary information is entered in the basket, "Check Out" is clicked. The order is finalized by passing the billing address, shipping address, type of shipping, payment status, payment information and order confirmation sections, respectively. When your order falls into our system, you will receive an informational email. If there is a need to contact you later, we will contact you via email. You might receive status notifications via e-mail at specific stages of your order. After the order is finalized, cargo will be delivered within 24 hours. We do our best to make the most accurate and detailed information on all products offered on our site. reserves the right to refuse the order due to typographical errors, technical errors or credit card fraud prevention measures.

       5. Payments

Payments can be made via American Express, MasterCard, PayPal or Visa, as well as via account transfer. 256BIT SSL encryption is used during the payment process.

       6. Shipping

We work with UPS Air, DHL and FedEx. We send your cargo with the carrier company that gives you the appropriate price for your referral address. When your product is delivered to the cargo, the cargo tracking number is forwarded via an e-mail. For more details Shipping&Returns page. Despite all our sensitivities in cargo selection, cargo delays can occur due to environmental conditions, weather conditions, regional confusion or other reasons. We hope you will understand these issues that may develop outside us. All our transmissions are fully insured against damage and loss.

       7. Return & Cancellation Policy

You can completely cancel your order, add or remove items until the order is shipped. Products are usually shipped within 24 hours, excluding holidays, after the order is finalized. All refunds will be paid out by deducting non-attributable taxes, transportation costs, or costs incurred by not delivering the product in its original condition. If you have a damaged package delivery, please indicate it to the cargo dispenser when signing the package delivery and contact us immediately. Please keep all packing materials in such a case. For more details Shipping&Returns page.

       8. VAT & Customs Duties

VAT and, if applicable, customs duties can vary for different countries and rates. In most countries outside the US, VAT and customs duties are customer responsibilities. Tax rates vary from country to country; however, customers from European countries are exempt from customs charges, but can be billed by VAT cargo companies.

       9. Product Descriptions

All of the products we offer are 100% hand-woven, unique and will be available only to you. Although products similar to each other are found, no same products are available. We do again emphasize that almost all of the products are products of our own manufacture. Explanations in all products have been tried to be expressed in the most accurate and clear way. All information given to this site is given in good faith. Besides, some of the information given in the products which are not our own manufacture, is obtained from third sources. Although verifications have been carried out, incomplete information might have been provided.

The product photographs are taken with a professional camera in appropriate light conditions. Although we are very attentive to present the natural state of colors, it is not always possible to fully reflect some colors. If you need a very precise color tone, please contact us before ordering. Carpets and kilims (rugs) may deform and change in color over time depending on where they are used. Please note that it is normal; in particular, the places where the feet of the furniture are pressed, the places to turn, or the places in front of the stairs will wear off earlier than the others. Fold marks on carpets and rugs during transportation do not indicate that the product is faulty. After the product is used, these marks will disappear as well as the fluffs that have formed on the product remove within a certain period of time.

       10. Customer Service

You can e-mail for further inquiries. You can also get support by calling (+49 1578 8357 106) between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays (Turkish, English, Deutsch, Français).

       11. Intellectual Property

All product designs are nHandmade property and all product photos on our site are original and are our own shots. They cannot be copied, repressed or used in any form without written permission. Trademarks, logos and all other materials are protected by copyright law, including text. We reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings in the event of possible copyright infringement. nHandmade has to be contacted in any case of illegal use.